Is hiring a social media marketing agency a good idea? Is it better than hiring an in-house team? Many businesses get restless chasing after the answer to this question. As a well-known social media marketing agency in New Jersey and with our appreciable amount of experience, Digital Googly US can clearly state that hiring a social media marketing agency over an in-house service is much more beneficial. That is not to say that the in-house option is not appropriate for certain businesses; however, the matter is that there are many ways in which a great agency is superior to an in-house option. To back this fact, we have listed 5 key benefits of utilizing a social media agency below.

5 Key Benefits of using an Agency

Industry experts

When people hire a social media marketing agency, they get industry crackerjacks with first-class skill-sets and in-depth experience that is hard to clone. They know the latest trends and sometimes take charge and become trendsetters themselves! Even when an agency is not up to the minute with the specific ins and outs of their client’s business, they can master them quickly and apply this knowledge according to the needs. An in-house team needs to research an idea before putting it into practice, which can become quite time-consuming and the results are not as top-notch as the social media marketing agency.

Fresh perspective

One snag of an in-house group is their limited exposure which leads to lesser creative output. It happens because the creative employees continually focus on the same products, services, or concepts for years. An outside agency brings fresh ideas to the table or those successfully used elsewhere and modified according to other clients’ needs. Those mind-blowing ideas can help people see a brand in a new light. Keeping creative work thrilling often involves diversity and new situations. These are the boxes that a hired agency checks each time they meet a new client.

Technical proficiency

Many in-house groups offer an insufficient number of hires that limit the diversity of skill-sets in the office. Digital marketing agencies have broader skill-sets and excellent technical ability to add that extra pizzazz to the client’s website. Additionally, they are trained in using the latest technology and tools.

Dedicated teams

When anyone hires a social media marketing company for a project, they actually hire a dedicated team with fresh minds and vibrant ideas that meet their client’s needs. Those teams are always up for the project undertaken, unlike an in-house team that might have people on vacation or even not there in the case of employee turnover issues.

Content and creative support

A social media marketing agency can craft catchy and artistic ideas that go beyond the norm. It is backbreaking to create compelling content. Not only does it eat up a lot of time, but the content also requires images, videos, etc., to be as fruitful as possible. A social media marketing agency has experienced copywriters and an innovative support team to create social-friendly content that will echo what the customers want to express and stimulate engagement.

The Bottom Line

Each company is different and has its own unique needs. For most, hiring a digital marketing agency will be more effective due to their all-around expertise and high return on investment, says Digital Googly US, a social media marketing agency in New Jersey.