If you are an IT company trying to make your way to the top of Google SERP, you have come to the right place.

In this blog, our SEO expert at Digital Googly US, a digital marketing agency in New Jersey, will help you develop and implement a comprehensive SEO strategy by listing four tried and tested SEO techniques.

Follow these techniques to rank higher, increase brand visibility, and drive sales.

Begin With User Experience

Google consistently emphasizes creating a good user experience with each algorithm iteration.

It means that if you want to rank higher on Google SERP, your website must not only satisfy the user’s query by providing valuable content but it must also promote a seamless on-page experience.

Google’s most recent algorithm version assesses a user’s interaction with any given webpage using the Core Web Vitals, which include:

  • The amount of time required to render the largest content element. This loading performance measurement should take less than 2.5 seconds. 

If your loading speed is lagging behind, here’s an article written by our web development expert on improving website loading speed- 

  • The time it takes for the page browser to respond to a user’s interaction. It should be 100 milliseconds or less.
  • The visual stability of a page’s layout, text, and other elements.

Monitoring and testing your Web Vital scores is a simple way to ensure that visitors to your site have a positive user experience, says the SEO experts of our digital marketing company in New Jersey.

Create Content to Meet User Intent

Content is the fuel that drives SEO efforts. An SEO campaign is bound to break down without a fully fleshed-out content strategy.

But it can’t just be any content—adding keywords to a page is no longer sufficient. Instead, it must be high quality, actionable, and relevant to the user. 

It should be written for the intended audience and for the web crawlers that rank websites.

Here are some questions that the content marketers of Digital Googly US, an SEO company in New Jersey, focus on answering to generate quality content:

  • What is the demographic of the intended audience?
  • What would a person look for if they were looking for your IT services?
  • What are the most common aches and pains?
  • What are the current industry trends?

Begin forming content clusters around these key intent pillars as you flesh out a content strategy and conduct keyword research.

Target Featured Snippets

Featured snippets appear at the top of Google search results. These give the searcher an immediate answer to their general query without requiring them to click on the page.

Hence, featured snippets have an extremely high click-through rate, accounting for 35.1 percent of all clicks.

But how do you get your content chosen as a featured snippet?

This begins with optimizing the content to include longer keywords, formatting for readability, and writing in a way that answers frequently asked questions.

Continue Creating Content

Relevance is an essential metric in Google’s ranking algorithm. Hence, out-of-date articles are demoted in favor of competitor articles covering the same topic but written more recently.

Therefore, it is paramount to create new content regularly. Additionally, you should review your existing content to identify posts that can be updated and reoptimized to improve their score.

SEO is a long-term strategy with the potential to substantiate your business goals for years on end. However, the success or failure of your IT company’s SEO efforts is entirely dependent on the people in charge of it.

Simply put, without the right partner, it’s difficult to win at SEO.Thus, partner with a digital marketing agency, that can help you advance your SEO strategy by utilizing tools such as technical SEO, strategic link building, voice search optimization, local SEO, and more.