According to Digital Googly, a digital marketing company in New Jersey, “digital marketing is a complicated ecosystem consisting of thousands of concepts and principles.” And like any ecosystem, it is under constant flux. What worked today and what worked for one business may not be successful on another day for another company. 

Therefore, any business that wants to use digital marketing services in New Jersey to boost its digital presence must know the most essential aspects of the medium. 

10 Basic Concepts of Digital Marketing 

According to Digital Googly, here are ten basic concepts that every business should know – 

1.    Digital Marketing: The term describes all the strategies applied to a business through the internet to boost its digital presence.

2.    Lead: It is a term that digital marketing experts use to refer to users who enter your website, interact with it, and establish contact with your company.

3.    Buyer persona: Buyer persona is the character profile of a company’s target audience that digital marketers build based on audience research. Creating character profiles help define their motivations and interests and develop marketing messages accordingly to achieve the highest impact. 

4.    Content Marketing: The term defines the strategies that focus on uploading persuasive content according to the buyer persona to increase sales and interact with your audience.

5.    SEO: According to the digital marketing company in New Jersey, Search Engine Optimization or SEO describes the practice of optimizing websites for search engines. The goal of SEO is to make businesses improve organic traffic and the natural visibility within the search engine results page.

6.    SEM: The term stands for Search Engine Marketing, and unlike SEO, they are paid advertisement campaigns within search engines. The advertiser must pay with each user’s click on their ad, which allows them to appear on the first results page of search engines. These positions are usually reserved for that purpose, says the digital marketing agency in New Jersey.

7.    Inbound Marketing: It describes all the strategies that allow marketers to attract new users to your website and convert them into customers of your company.

8.    Funnel: It is a technique used to convert a prospect into a buyer when completing the transaction.

9.    KPIs: The term stands for Key Performance Indicators. These are metrics that indicate the effectiveness of marketing strategies in achieving objectives. The metrics include the number of visits, clicks, and more.

10.            CTA: CTA or call to action is basically a button or a piece of content that attracts the user’s attention and motivates them to take actions like buying or enquiring.


Apart from the basic elements, there are many more concepts and strategies that you can use to rank far and above your competitors. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be an expert to use these strategies. What you need is a basic understanding of digital marketing (which you now have) and guidance from the experts of Digital Googly, a digital marketing company in New Jersey.