It’s difficult to generate online leads, a straightforward reality based on elementary mathematics. Although the United States has a population of over 327 million people, there are also millions of companies all trying to attract enough buyers to make a profit. With so many businesses vying for consumers’ attention on any online site, generating leads has never been more difficult.

A wise person recognizes that there is a proper tool for every task, and this is especially true in the case of lead generation. With so many components to a well-rounded lead generation program, having a few tools has become a requirement for better performance. As a leading digital marketing company in New Jersey, we at Digital Googly decided to share our list of the best online lead generation tools.

Best Tools for Online Lead Generation

  1. Proof – Proof focuses on using social proof to improve website conversion rates, as well as tools to help with not just personalization but also A/B testing. When it comes to maximizing possibilities with digital marketing strategies, the social evidence angle is a great addition, along with A/B testing.
  2. HubSpot Marketing – HubSpot Marketing is a fantastic tool that is available for both free and paid users. They are one of the best in the market because of their versatility and willingness to integrate. Forms, popup forms, live chat, chatbots, and other tools are included in their toolbox.
  3. Survey Anyplace – While the forms are one the most common ways to collect information, surveys leads, and quizzes are a much more engaging method that should be used by more companies. Customer satisfaction surveys can aid in the optimization process, while quizzes can be personalized and built for lead generation.
  4. Hot Jar – This platform focuses on the customer experience while also providing analytical support for conversion optimization. They can also generate on-site polls and provide session replays, in addition to essential resources like heat maps and shape analytics. They have free and paid versions and are an excellent way to learn more about the customers, say our digital marketing experts in New Jersey.
  5. Mailshake – When it comes to email outreach, Mailshake is one of the most effective resources on the market. This method may be used for public relations, fundraising, or connection building in addition to sales and promotion. This tool is a great time-saver, thanks to its personalization and automation features.
  6. Intercom – This platform has a lot of features under one roof, including marketing and sales tools, as well as a robust help desk with a comprehensive knowledge base for support. It has on-site messaging and chat features, which allow for direct interaction with on-site guests.


Getting so many leads is a challenge that any online marketing agency in New Jersey wishes they could avoid. Try one or more of these online lead generation tools from our list to help simplify and refine your processes so you can generate more leads and convert more of them to customers.