Content is king, but only when you have the right plan at the ready. Everything you see, hear, and experience is developed by content creators who rack their brains to come up with engaging ideas.

The number of websites, the number of content and the number of competitors has increased. Therefore, if you want to boost the authoritativeness and credibility of your site, planning and developing content that resonates with your audience is essential.

But how to do it? Don’t worry. Here is how Digital Googly US, an SEO company in New Jersey, helps business create one month of content in advance.

Let’s get to it!


Our Journey Starts With 4Ws

Before starting our content planning, the first thing that we do is find answers to these four questions – 

  1. What do the readers want?
  2. Who are they?
  3. When will they be online and looking at social media or their email inboxes?
  4. Where can I find them most easily?

Figuring out the answers to these questions helps us write relevant SEO optimized content that gives solutions, entertains and informs readers. 


At Digital Googly US, a digital marketing agency in New Jersey, this is one of our favorite parts of content creation as we get to release all the ideas that pile up in our “creative” heads.

We begin this process by jotting down any ideas that occur to our minds (this stage is where we go crazy.)

After jotting down our ideas, we pause and come back to them later with fresh eyes. From these ideas, we choose the best to create content.

Editing and Organizing

We edit out the “meh” and keep the best from the bunch of ideas. After that, we organize those ideas into categories. For instance – 

  • Blog Post Idea: How an SEO Company Plans One Month of Content for Businesses
  • Instagram Caption Idea: What are some common mistakes people make when creating their content?
  • Facebook Post Idea: What are some ways to repurpose old content for your new blog post?

After organizing the best ideas, we send it to our clients to get them approved.

Planning the Content Dates

After sorting out all of the content and getting the approval, we start planning when each piece of content will be released.

Setting up deadlines for each content helps us stay on track and ensure we’re not sharing the same type of content too close together.

Gathering Necessary Resources

In this stage, the content creators of our digital marketing agency in New Jersey collect all of the necessary resources like images, graphics, audio snippets, and other media to enrich our content.

For instance, if we write a blog article, we collect photographs, graphics, and videos to accompany it. 

Gathering resources is an essential part of our content creation, as the more, we prepare ahead of time, the easier it is to generate and distribute the material.

That’s it. This is our five-step process to help our clients produce a month of content in advance.  Want to develop great SEO optimized content that makes your site rank? Visit or call us at 8336920676 to talk to our SEO experts in New Jersey.