So, you’ve just launched your website, and you’ve written a fantastic piece of content that includes all of the right keywords and spicy phrases. Is it, however, sufficient? There are probably thousands (if not more) of articles out there competing for the top spot with those exact keywords. How do you make yours stand out from the crowd?

The answer is (drum roll, please) content promotion. In this blog, Digital Googly US, a digital marketing company, shares helpful tips on promoting your content and driving targeted traffic.

PS: You won’t need to spend any money on advertisements or have an existing audience or connections to get started.

Find out where your target audience spends their time

Discover all of the social media platforms where your prospects spend their time. This is the most time-consuming step because it necessitates extensive research. But, if you do it right, it’ll be worth the time and effort.

Add value

Consider how you can directly add value to these platforms. Adding value does not imply throwing out links to your content and expecting people to read it. People are preoccupied. So, if you don’t provide value, they’ll scroll right past you.

Learn about what works in which platform, says the best SEO company in New Jersey. Long-form sharing, for example, works wonders on Twitter and Reddit. As a result, you can share the entirety of your article on these platforms and ask people to join your email list.

However, the same strategy will not work for Facebook users because their attention span is significantly shorter. If you try to promote yourself on Facebook by sharing the whole of your article, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure.

To promote your content on Fb, you need to divide your articles into visual pieces, subtly brand each one, and then share them. It will allow your followers to quickly digest what you offer and keep wanting more.

The snowball effect

How others share your content is just as important as how you share it; otherwise, the results of your promotional efforts will be lukewarm.

For example, if you share the entirety of your article on Twitter, direct your reader to the same Twitter thread at the end of the article and ask them to show some love or retweet.

According to the SEO experts in New Jersey, the simple trick will snowball your engagement on Twitter. Do the same for the other platforms. Ensure that everyone on the same platform is sharing the same thing.

Create an email list

In each platform, invite your audience to join your email list. Most of your readers will gladly subscribe to your email list if you provide value, and email subscribers are like gold bars in a bank. 

The value of new media may fluctuate. However, Email isn’t going away. It’s been around for a while. It will last longer. It’s the best place to grow an online audience.

Become a genuine member of the community

“The most effective self-promoters aren’t self-promoters,” says SEO experts of Digital Googly US, a digital marketing company. They make an effort to become a genuine member of their community. Therefore, instead of mindlessly trying to promote your content, focus on being a valuable member of your online community. Share the work of others. Make new friends. Have fun. Give more than you take. It’s a win-win situation.