It’s obvious that the social media is constantly changing. New trends, along with their accompanying hashtags, sprout before our eyes, and new topics and concepts take over our conversations. Similarly, new social media functions quickly become “can’t live without” items. The same can be said about Facebook stories, which debuted in 2016 and has now evolved into a crucial tool. It’s all about reacting to the current updates and incorporating the newest features into your marketing strategy for social marketers. If you want to use Facebook stories for marketing, this comprehensive guide from one of the best social media marketing companies in New Jersey explains what it is and why you should use it.

Understanding Facebook Stories

Facebook stories is a tool that allows you to share information (pictures, videos, and even animations) that will be gone in 24 hours. At the top of your Facebook newsfeed, you’ll see stories from your friends and pages you’ve liked. This is true for both the Facebook app and the web version.

Why should a Business use Facebook Stories

We all know how difficult it can be to get organic reach on Facebook. However, the good news is that stories are prominently featured at the top of every newsfeed, where they are likely to be noticed.With nearly 1.9 billion people using Facebook stories every day, it has the potential to help you reach a large audience if you apply the correct strategies.

How to use Facebook Stories in the Best Possible Way

Knowing the fundamentals is important, but it isn’t enough if you want to stay ahead of the pack. Follow these tips to get the most out of your Facebook stories efforts:

Make Content that is Interesting and Time-Sensitive

Because of its 24-hour availability, the “urgency factor” is what makes stories such a popular feature. Make use of this to produce time-sensitive material that will pique your interest and create a sense of urgency, explains a professional of Facebook marketing agency Digital Googly US. Consider using a code to promote a 24-hour sale, sharing early bird specials, encouraging people to sign up for an event, and more.

Make it Engaging and Useful

Because stories can attract a huge audience, employ interactive features like polls and voting stickers to encourage participation.Pose questions to your audience or provide cues for them to respond to. If you’re developing a story for an Fb Page, don’t forget to include personalized links and buttons to increase engagement.

Incorporate Third-party Content into your Stories

Share relevant, third-party content that your audience could enjoy to broaden your Facebook content strategy. By clicking on “Share” next to a post, you can add it to your stories.

Follow the Progress of Your Stories

Always keep an eye on the performance of your Facebook story posts. What appears to be gaining greater traction? What kinds of posts do people want to interact with the most? Is there a point at which people stop responding if you post too many stories? Which post times appear to be the most popular? Pay attention to all of these details in order to fine-tune and polish your Facebook stories approach for greater impact. Use the information to see how your Page is doing in terms of impressions, interaction, and fan growth.

Bottom Line

It’s time to make the most of FB stories for brands who have been trying to generate organic reach and engage their audiences on Facebook. This guide will teach you the fundamentals and best practices for using the feature. Now it’s up to you to put in the effort and create an effective social media marketing strategy.