When it comes to marketing discussion, email marketing, despite its unprecedented importance, seems to be regularly on the backburner. “Is email marketing the most powerful way of reaching customers?” is not a question that has recently taken its hold on the mind of marketers. It has been there since the late 1970s, and the fact that it continues to be a topic of concern shows little understanding of its power.

Therefore, Digital Googly US, the best email marketing company in New Jerseylooks to end the thread of this question. We will share why email marketing has grown in importance throughout the years and continue to be an effective tool in the marketer’s hands.  

The Power of Email Marketing

  • Timeless – Email is timeless. It has been in use for marketing since the late 1970s, although it wasn’t until the 1990’s that usage became common. The reason for its timelessness is the consistently positive results upon its effective use. 
  • 38:1 – According to a survey conducted by Litmus, the average reported return on investment (ROI) for email marketing is 38:1. The ratio means that on an average if a company sends email marketing messages to 38 prospects, it will lead to one consumer conversion. It is much higher than the ROI of other digital marketing channels. Regardless of new channels rising, email has consistently shown excellent ROI over the years.
  • Reach – Do you know the number of people who own an email account? Over 4 billion. There are over 4 billion email accounts. The number of users should suffice in showcasing the power of email. 
  • Preferred channel – Studies conducted over the years have shown that email is the preferred contact method among consumers for receiving offers and promotional content. Texts, social platforms, apps, and videos have a very low preference percentage at under 20% for each, in contrast to email, which is over 70%. 
  • Open platform – According to Digital Googly US, one of the best email marketing agencies in New Jersey, email is a democratic platform. On the other hand, due to their large market share, the social media platforms like Facebook can change how they do business. For instance, if Facebook on a Monday morning decides to update their algorithms to curb a brand’s reach, the brand has nothing to do but to adapt to the situation. Email, however, is democratic. Because of the large number of email companies, nobody can make a change that will significantly transform the landscape of email. If a marketer builds an excellent mailing list, the asset remains valuable regardless of which email platform is used.
  • Consistent Messaging – Message delivery is much easier compared to other platforms. 90% of email, on average, gets delivered to inboxes, while only a small percentage of followers of a company view its social media posts. Therefore, it can be observed that email consistently gets your messages to the right prospects. 
  • Conversions – Click-through rate of emails are consistently higher than other channels. Therefore, it is more likely that people will visit the site of an email marketer and consider an offer that can lead to more conversions. Analyzing email marketing performance is also easier than other platforms. 


Digital Googly US, the best email marketing company in New Jersey, therefore, concludes that Email Marketing is the most powerful marketing option you can have in your arsenal. It might take a little time and effort to use the tool effectively. However, the result of its successful implementation remains consistently better than other marketing options.