A Wonderful Silent Rally With An Empowering Message On 27th February 2020

Thank you all the leading print houses for covering our silent rally against the age-old myth of women being impure at the time of the menstrual cycle and tell the world how beautiful she is…

Digital Googly Is Honoured To Be Associated With Team "Password" & 21 Pally Puja, Ballygunge Phari

Poster launch of the upcoming movie “Password” of superstar Dev, at 21 Pally Puja premises, on the same day the theme video of 21 Pally puja was also launched. Digital Googly is the proud social media partner of 21 Pally Puja. The grand event was covered by leading print houses.

Digital Googly's Puja & Havan Ceremony For The Well Being Of The Doctors Covered By Leading Newspapers.

Digital Googly, a Kolkata-based digital marketing company, performed a puja ceremony and “havan”, complete with icons from the medical world, to pray for the well-being of doctors.

The launch of this unique campaign is aimed at sensitising the citizens to reach out and ensure the safety and well-being and prosperity of our doctors and the medical fraternity.

Digital Googly, which provides a 360 Degree digital marketing solution and advisory services, would continue to use social media tools to spread the awareness among the citizens in the wake of the recent unfortunate incidents that have shaken the very basis of doctor-patient relationship.