Choosing the right domain name is a vital part of your marketing strategy. You should choose a domain name that fits your company’s branding and is neither too complicated, said the SEO agency in New Jersey. 

A domain name itself may not be considered as a single factor for your Google ranking. Various elements of the domain name may also play an important role in your overall SEO success, like keyword word usage, length of domain name, brand ability and many more. 

Do I need to change my domain name to improve my improve SEO ranking?

Domain names do have an impact on your SEO performance, but they are not a make-or-break strategy to improve your rankings, said the best SEO Company in New JerseyFrequently changing the domain name can confuse search engines trying to search your web pages, negatively affecting your SEO. 

Moreover, an updated domain name makes it more difficult for visitors to find your site, thus increasing your web traffic. 

You can change your domain name for SEO under the following conditions:

  • You are planning to rebrand your site 
  • Your current domain is hard to access 
  • You are planning to use 301 directs to sustain your previous SEO. 

If your website is already established itself as a brand, you should focus your SEO efforts on quality content, building referral links, and gaining good reviews. 

Also, having a keyword in the domain name boosts your rankings. 

Does the exact match domain still work?

A few years back exact-match domain was valuable and offered great rankings and traffic. But the question is, does the exact match domain still work today? 

Google likes exact-match domains unless they are considered as spams. If the domain name exactly matches the keyword, it continues to improve the overall ranking of your website year after year, said an SEO agency in New Jersey.

Getting an exact match domain helps to satisfy user intent and promote your website because readers already had an idea about your site before they go to it. 

Moreover, one of the best SEO company also claimed that the exact match domain still feature prominently, especially in local search engines. 


To improve your overall ranking, the key should be to focus on improving the SEO results through various strategies. It is very important to have a solid SEP strategy to rank your website and improve your ranking.