What is Evergreen Content?

According to Digital Googly US, an SEO company in New Jersey, content that stays relevant and fresh for a long time is known as evergreen content. These kinds of content continue to generate traffic for long periods after publication. 

Some popular evergreen content formats are –

  • Listicles – The Top 10s and the top 5s
  • Tips – Guidelines from experts about how to do something.
  • How-to content – These are in-depth explanations about how to do something.
  • Product Reviews – The opinions or feedback of customers or experts for a particular product.

Using these formats to produce content does not guarantee that your piece will be crowned as evergreen. However, these types of content lend themselves to evergreen writing more than other formats. For instance, videos like “how to set up your WiFi” have more longevity than videos on, let’s say, current affairs.

How Can You Make Your Article Evergreen?

Follow these four tips to make your articles evergreen – 

  1. Choose the right keywords – Conduct thorough long-tail keyword research to find out the topics that people are searching for. Even the most perfectly crafted and lasting evergreen piece will not be of much worth if people aren’t searching for it.
  2. Optimize for SEO – After choosing your keywords, use SEO best practices for on-page optimization, says the SEO company in New Jersey. Use images, add alt text to images, and put the keyword in the title, URL, and throughout the body copy. However, avoid keyword stuffing! 
  3. Write for Beginners – Write the blogs in the language of a layman. Avoid complicated technical jargon as much as possible, even while sharing your expertise on a topic. If you need to mention a technical term, explain it further to help the audience understand.  
  4. Repurpose Your Content – If you develop a great piece of content, there are several ways in which you can spin and re-use the idea in various formats. 

Highlight & Market Your Evergreen Content

If you are someone who spends hours crafting the perfect evergreen content and forgets its existence after publishing, we got bad news. 

Burying your content in your blog won’t get you the results you’re hoping to achieve, says the SEO company in New Jersey. Instead, after publishing your content, you need to highlight and market it so that it gets discovered by visitors. 

Here are some ways to do it:

  • You can build a training guide web page and feature your how-to and terminology content to help beginners in the industry.
  • You can highlight the evergreen blog posts in the sidebar of your blog.
  • You can re-run the high-performing evergreen blog posts periodically (with updates, as applicable). 
  • You can develop a social media campaign around your content across your networks.

Evergreen Content Topic Ideas to Get You Started

Here are some content topic ideas used by the best SEO company in New Jersey – 

  1. How-to for Beginners
  2. How-to for Advanced Users
  3. How-to Checklist
  4. How to Choose the Best Product
  5. How to Do Something Over Time 
  6. Original Research
  7. Successful Case Studies
  8. Resources List
  9. Best Free and Paid Tools List
  10. Best Books for a Specific Goal
  11. “Greatest of” Round-Up
  12. Best or Worst Practice to Meet a Specific Goal
  13. Complete Glossary of a Topic or Specific Niche
  14. Everything You Need to Know About ____.

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