Is Link Quality More Important Than Quantity: SEO Agency Explains

Is Link Quality More Important Than Quantity

Are you a business owner who is confused about link building and what you should focus on – quality or quantity? Read ahead.

In this post, our leading SEO expert at Digital Googly US, an SEO agency in New Jersey, will explain link building, link quality more important than quantity, and some proven link-building strategies that have helped our clients generate links.

An Introduction to Link Building (For the Laymen)

The process of manually creating or obtaining links to a specific website, page, or piece of content is known as link building.

This can be accomplished by adding links from another website or page, requesting links from other website owners, and so on.

Google along with other search engines use links to determine a website’s authority and where it should appear in search results.

As a result, link building is a standard SEO service in New Jersey

You should invest in an experienced digital marketing firm as obtaining these links without the necessary knowledge can be difficult and prove to be a waste of money and effort.

Which is the Elephant in the Room – Link Quantity or Link Quality

It’s link quality! Once upon a time, when Google didn’t mature like it is now, building a large volume of links was a common practice. But now, Google penalizes websites that engage in this behavior.

According to the SEO expert of our digital marketing company in New Jersey, a single link from a widely read news website, a popular blog, or another high-quality resource can be worth as much as a hundred other links.

If Google trusts the website linked to you, it will trust that link. Therefore, a followed link is essentially a stamp of approval of the quality and relevancy of your content from a high authority site.

Follow Link – Follow links are links that count as points, pushing SEO link juice and boosting the page rank of the linked-to sites, helping them go higher in the SERPs.

However, some links may have the “rel=nofollow” attribute attached.

No Follow Link – A nofollow link is a link that does not count as a point in the page’s favor, does not boost PageRank or help a page’s placement in the SERPs.

This HTML code, commonly found on social media sites or in comment sections, prevents search engines from interpreting links as having received editorial approval. 

For various reasons, some large sites may use this tag in the body of their posts.

According to an SEO company in New Jersey, a nofollow link doesn’t have any power in and of itself, but it can generate referral traffic. Hence, even a nofollow link can be beneficial and more powerful than a few dozen followed links from low-quality sites.

Digital Googly’s High-Quality Linking Strategy

Here at our digital marketing agency in New Jersey, we leverage our years of SEO experience in India to help businesses in the US. 

Our head office in India is well established, and we already have 500+ clients under our belt.

So, the linking strategies that we are sharing have stood the test of time and various industries, including our clients in New Jersey.

Here it goes.

  • Keep your email to the point – If you’re contacting someone to request a link, don’t flatter them using rows of lines, beg for a link, or explain that you’re trying to build links. Instead, get right to the point. The request should be driven by your content rather than your need for a link.
  • Maintain as much relevance as possible – If you are an Italian restaurant selling pizza, it’s unlikely that a healthy-living blogger will want to link to you. So, don’t bother.
  • Don’t be put off by rejection – You won’t know if you’ll get a link until you try. Aim for the stars. Even big news websites and blogs need good stories, so maybe write one for them!
  • You’ll probably have to send many pitches – Before getting a “yes,” you’ll probably have to do and redo your content several times. In the meantime, work on increasing your online authority through social media, guest posting, and website comments.
  • In your pitches, especially if you’re new, ask for feedback – Some editors or bloggers may be kind enough to tell you why your content isn’t working for them, which is valuable information for improving your strategy.

Need help with your link-building strategy? Don’t know where to start? Talk to the SEO experts of our digital marketing company in New Jersey. We are always here to help.