Social Media Marketing Agency’s Solutions to SM Messaging Issues

How you communicate with your social audience (followers, fans, customers and prospects) is referred to as social media messaging 

Convenient and conversational social messaging allows you and your customers to engage directly and personally. 

Customers can interact with your brand and seek customer service on a familiar channel in their own time to resolve problems. Messaging puts customers back in charge, which is what they should be.

Is your social media messaging on point?

Chances are, while trying to incorporate social messaging into your marketing strategy, you have faced some issues that likely hurt the effectiveness of your efforts.

In this post, a social media expert of Digital Googly US, a social media marketing agency in New Jersey, shows ways to beat the 3 common challenges of social media messaging.

Limited Characters

We know how difficult it is to say what you need to say in a limited number of characters. 

On social media, dealing with call-outs, tear-downs, and serious customer concerns can be particularly daunting to address in that limited space.


Don’t be afraid to switch to a different platform for communication. Remember that social media customer service and support aren’t limited to the platform. 

Getting people into your inbox, on the phone, or at your help desk is likely to be more proactive than relying solely on social media, says one of the best social media marketing companies in New Jersey.

Get Your Team on the Same Page

When you have a lot of people working for you, staying true to your brand’s unique voice can be difficult. 

It is imperative that everyone feels at ease and are on the same page when it comes to delighting customers and dealing with complaints.


First and foremost, ensure that your team follows a social media messaging style guide. 

It’s a plus if you can reinforce your brand’s values and cultures internally, says a digital marketing company in New Jersey, 

Initiating Meaningful Conversations

You’re not alone if you’re concerned about your organic engagement rate these days. That isn’t an excuse to “speak” to your audience rather than converse with them. 

It’s all about responding and reacting on social media. Every comment and message you receive is an opportunity to learn more about your customers’ needs. 

So, get into your conversation gear. 


Ask questions and prompts that encourage your followers to respond directly. 

Respond to comments regularly to show your audience that you want to engage in conversation. Keep an eye on your notifications and try to respond as soon as possible.

For brands that want to truly engage their audience, getting your social media messaging right should be a top priority, says the social media expert of our social media marketing agency in New Jersey.

The sooner you understand your customers and demonstrate your value, the more likely they will become loyal to your brand.