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With our strong knowledge, experience and know-how in the field of visual communication and digital marketing, we can’t wait to offer you our excellent KPO services in India. Similarly, we have been serving other companies worldwide. Our team members are our strength as they have excellent analytical, logical and technical skills.
You can rely on our skills and experience, as well as hire subject matter experts, to complete your projects quickly. We assure you front-line expertise, for which you only pay for a limited time span. This will lower the high costs of recruiting and retaining permanent HR in-house.
At Digital Googly, we provide state-of-the-art knowledge and services related to the visual communication and digital marketing needs of companies in various industries. Contact us now and take advantage of our significant years of experience and knowledge in the field of providing digital branding solutions.

What is Staffing Media & Marketing

Staffing Media & Marketing, as the name stands for Knowledge Process Outsourcing, refers to outsourcing a range of services provided by talented subject matter experts around “knowledge based” common services like market research, IT, creative designs, content writing, digital marketing, website designing, app development and much more.

How does Staffing Media & Marketing Help

From the last decade or more, India has transformed into the Mecca of Visual communication and Digital Marketing knowledge process outsourcing. Next-gen business owners are constantly looking for reliable KPO service providers in India. This is a game changer, and you can actually save a lot, by outsourcing all your visual communication and digital marketing services from India.

The Industries We Serve


SEO Expert

PPC Expert


Content Writer

Graphic Designer

Email Marketer

SMM Expert

Youtube Expert

Web Designer

Web Developer

App Developer

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