“TBD” is a music rock band in New Jersey and is formed by talented musicians, vocalists, guitarists and drummers. The band members are well known for performing various types of music like rock, folk and fusion. Driven by a common goal- “to entertain and enthrall ‘You'”, members of the TBD Rock Band have entertained and engaged a massive audience with each of their performances. Masters of cover songs, their speciality lies in the creation of fusion music using different music styles and genres, especially Hindi, Bengali and English rock and folk performances. 

They are equipped with the latest musical instruments and mixers, perfect for an unbound stage sound and house mix experience. However, their presence was strictly restricted to a close-knit audience. What they needed at this point was a global outreach with a strong online presence. 


Initially, TBD Rock Band did not have a website. Hence, it was getting difficult for the band to reach an audience across the world and make their brand aware among people. As a result, they were lacking in prospective connections to promote their band and music. Moreover, it was getting really difficult to reach their audience from other countries and cities. Furthermore, establishing their brand, initiating collaborations, and building fruitful connections in their domain looked like an endless struggle. That’s when they contacted Digital Googly for an effective solution. 


The first and foremost solution we offered was to create an online website. Although being a well-known website development company in New Jersey, creating a website that matched the persona and vibe of TBD Rock Band was not that easy. There were a few things we had to keep in mind. The website must be optimized for mobile and desktop view, should have a quick loading speed, must offer user-friendly navigation must have prominent CTAs, have easy accessibility to contact and location, content must be informative and matched with their vibes. 

Keeping all these factors in mind, we finalized a dark theme for the website that matched the logo and brand colors. We kept the menu simple with a few informative pages such as about, members, events and contact. A gallery section was added in the home page that offered a collective view of the best images from their previous performances. We made sure to use large, visually appealing and appropriate images in the banners to grab the visitors’ audience. 

For the footer, we used a subtle color and background to merge the essence and feel of a band, making it another attractive part of the home page. Finally, we made sure the contact numbers and forms were easily visible and accessible, no matter which page one visits. We completed the website with a quick upcoming event part, both in the home page and a separate inner page, to help visitors navigate through the list of various upcoming events of the TBD Rock Band. 


The client was very happy and satisfied with our work. Through the development of a new website, more people were able to know about their events, and TBD Rock Band was able to expand its reach.