Social media platforms are great for boosting student engagement, establishing brand awareness and building relationships with students. But do you know the effective strategies to achieve this goal? 

The widespread access to the internet and digital media has transformed the education industry. When effective social media strategies are implemented correctly, social media marketing can increase interaction among students and establish the reputation of your school.

In this blog, a well-known social media marketing agency in New Jersey highlighted some of the social media marketing strategies which you can use to increase the reach of your education institution. 

Successful social media marketing strategies which you can adopt 

  1. Start a marketing campaign 

An inventive marketing campaign on social media should have a strategic approach which will help to engage more users and interact with the target audience. You can also use hashtags using proper keywords to give direction to the audience and their search.

  1. Create various social media groups

Creating groups on social media helps you connect and engage with the right audience. You can interact with the students, have discussions and know what their needs and wants are. For example, you can use Facebook marketing services and create various groups to share announcements with the members. 

  1. Create user-generated content 

User-generated content often opens up the conversation between your brand and students, which help to grow an engaged community. Sharing content develops more brand loyalty with the target audience. 

  1. Share stories 

You can share stories combined with videos, photos and captions about major events and other announcements. Today, most students use Facebook to connect with their peers. For instance, many schools and universities run stories on Facebook to give a sneak peek about their major events and even interact with the audience, said a Facebook marketing company

  1. Go live on social media platforms.

Real-time sharing with the audience is trending nowadays. You can go live streaming on Facebook, Instagram and Sharechat to give valuable insights about your institution to the audience. You can arrange a Q&A session with the target group. 

  1. Create awareness about your institution

Making your audience aware of your institution is a great strategy to expand your growth. You can show what your institution has to offer to prospective students and their parents through various social media platforms. 

  1. Try to be platform specific. 

Every social media platforms has some advantages to offer. For example, you can use the medium to post your blogs, Instagram to share photos and stories and Facebook to engage with your audience. You must know the features of the platforms you are using to take advantage of whatever sites you are using, said experts of various social media marketing companies in New Jersey. 


Social media is a competitive platform in today’s digital world. So, the strategies you are using are important to grow your educational institution. You can try all the above social media strategies to find which works best for you.