People new to the world of web design and development often interchange UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), not knowing they mean very different things. 

Well, when you are creating a mobile app or website, both UI and UX play a vital role in the designing process, user interaction, and the final product. However, both have very different functions. One of the best website designing companies in New Jersey explains how different UI is from UX. 

UX design?

UX stands for ‘User Experience’ and focuses on the end user’s interaction with the product. According to the best web design and development companies, the prime focus of UX design is to improve user experience. UX designers work closely with marketers and product teams to understand the precise need of the customers. Focusing on the user’s journey, UX designers incorporate functionality, usability, and engineering in an application. 

For instance, say you are creating an ecommerce app. You know how important your shopping cart and checkout process is to your success. However, what would be the best way to put the buy button so the buying process is smooth throughout the transaction? UX designers will tell you. 

UX designers craft user-centric designs by emphasizing how people engage with digital products both at a granular level and over the user’s entire journey. UX designers also map the user journey to ensure the user finds it easy and exciting to use your application. 

What is UI?

As suggested by the web development company in New Jersey, UI or User Interface is a bit more technical than UX. UI designers often have a solid understanding of information architecture and command line interface code.

UI defines the creativity of a digital product and the immersive mechanism behind the creativity – product layout, color schemes, typography, etc. UI defines how interactions, animations and transition function visually in the application. 

The accurate interface is pivotal and influences the user interaction with the application. Basic characteristics of an icon’s appearance or a button’s shape have an impact on whether a user understands how to perform the intended action. We all understand designs must be aesthetically attractive to the user. However, a good UI design determines how to define product navigation and convey brand personality. 

A UI designer focuses on performing high-end competitor research to build datasets to identify user appeal within an industry and comprehend design trends and context. 


UI (User Interface) is all about visual design and UX (User Experience) is concerned with the mechanism of usability as well as engagement underneath the aesthetics. 

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