Every year, thousands of new items and products are introduced, with around 95 percent of them failing. Why? People are afraid to try new things and are often resistant to learning about new products, even if they will improve their lives.

So, what factors determine whether a product succeeds or fails? A video promoting a new product. The majority of individuals, more than 65 percent, prefer to watch a video rather than read about a product. And the magic happens when a new product is introduced to them with the proper explainer video.

Why Should You make Product Launch Videos

Simply said, people enjoy watching videos. Despite the fact that there are billions of minutes of video content available, 54 percent of consumers say they still want more. People are more likely to buy after watching a video. According to a recent survey, 84 percent of people bought a product after watching a brand’s video. This fantastic conversion rate is simply too good to pass up.

What Factors make these Videos Successful

New product launch videos are influenced by a variety of things. Understanding what works and what doesn’t in order to create a launch video that has a long-term impact is crucial.

Optimum Length

The significance of making a quick video cannot be overstated. According to a professional of Digital Googly US, one of the best 3D animation agencies in New Jersey, only 68 percent of people will view a video that is one minute or less all the way through. Marketers have adjusted as well, with 80 percent of them producing videos that are one and a half minutes or lesser. Therefore, make sure your video for the launch of your new product isn’t too long!

Sound should be made Optional

Did you know that 92 percent of people watch videos without the sound turned on? Captions are preferred by the majority of users. Make sure to include subtitles in your production plan for any new product launch video you make.

Video should be Mobile-friendly

People are watching more videos on their smartphones than ever before. According to YouTube, mobile users account for 70 percent of the views. The rate of mobile video viewing on Twitter is considerably higher, at 93 percent.

Your new product introduction video will most likely be viewed on a smartphone by the majority of consumers. So, by optimizing your video for mobile, you’ll be ready to reach them.

Create a Buzz

Making a fantastic new product animation video should just be a small component of your overall marketing strategy. Another challenge is getting potential buyers motivated and interested enough to view the video. Encourage and reward your target audience to view your video by properly promoting it.

Add a landing page to your business website to generate buzz. Capture people’s email addresses and reward them with a special offer, such as a coupon, if they agree to receive promotional messages. According to studies, this can raise conversion by almost 80 percent.

Wrapping Up

The success or failure of a new product launch video could be the difference between success and failure in the marketplace. So, to give your product the greatest chance of success, make a product launch animation video, say the 3D animation experts of Digital Googly US.