Instagram is a hugely popular social media site with 1.1 billion monthly users, making it a great place to market your business. With a global reach that connects solidly with millennials, understanding the best ways to engage with audiences on the platform is key to launching successful campaigns. As a leading digital marketing agency, employees of Digital Googly US wanted to explain why Instagram Stories are so important in social media marketing.

What are Instagram Stories and how do you use them

Instagram Stories is a cutting-edge tool inspired by Snapchat stories. Instagram stories allow users to publish photographs and videos that have a 24-hour shelf life before they vanish. Unless a user chooses to include a segment of a story by posting it in their profile, the content shared on stories does not appear in the main IG feed or on the profile grid.

Is Instagram a rip-off of Snapchat? Approximately. Text, drawings, filters, and effects can be applied to content, and the content is displayed in a slideshow manner. There’s also the option of adding tunes to stories, as well as hiding or making them private, say the professionals of social media marketing company in New Jersey.

Why Instagram Stories are Useful for Social Media Marketing

Instagram Stories can be used for a variety of social media marketing purposes:

  • Large user base: IG stories has a larger daily active user population than Snapchat, with over 200 million daily active users.
  • Integration: Instagram’s integration with Facebook enables for useful marketing options on both platforms, such as creating Instagram advertising that complement any Facebook ads utilizing Facebook’s Ads management.
  • Easier to schedule: There’s a lot of emphasis on “publishing at the perfect moment” to get material in front of people when they’re most likely to engage, and other postings won’t drive it down the feed. Because stories have a 24-hour shelf life, the ideal time to post is less crucial than posting consistently to ensure 24-hour visibility.
  • Engagement: In general, Instagram stories are a great way to share material. There is an opportunity to highlight a brand’s individuality and distinguishing features. Content that is fun, intriguing, and optimistic may be incredibly engaging, which is a crucial component of social media marketing strategy.
  • Outbound links: For accounts with more than 10,000 followers, you can put an outbound link in your stories to assist drive visitors to a specific area, such as a recent blog post or a website’s sale products.
  • Variety of content: IGS can be utilised for user polls and answering queries, in addition to humorous, entertaining content. Polls and Q&A sessions each provide distinct content possibilities.

Bottom Line

Instagram is an excellent medium for reaching out to a global audience, particularly among younger generations. When used appropriately, Instagram Stories can play a significant part in the advertising campaigns of social media marketing agencies, which means having fun and exhibiting personality first and foremost.