Cohesiveness is among the less highlighted characteristics of successful digital marketing practices. We, however, believe there should be a comprehensive strategy in place that takes full advantage of all promotional and marketing opportunities. As a leading digital marketing agency in New Jersey, we frequently find the integration of social media and blog marketing is overlooked.

When customers ask us why they should combine their social media and blog marketing, we tell them it’s all about the possibilities. When these two platforms are properly linked, you will be able to realize their potential.

Why Use Two Platforms Instead of One

At least one social media channel is used by most businesses to promote themselves. A blog is also used by many organizations to exhibit information, boost SEO, as well as provide value. Putting them together is like putting peanut butter and jelly together; they’re both delicious on their own, but they’re even better together. By joining these two channels, you can improve traffic and interaction, help build a community, and get valuable input that will help you make better content, says our expert digital marketing strategist at Digital Googly US.

Increase Traffic

Cross-promotion and generating traffic to both sites is one of the primary ideas behind leveraging both platforms. However, it should not be limited to simply publishing blogs on social media or adding social networking links to blog postings. Instead, seek out opportunities to stand out and connect in novel ways. Hundreds of other businesses are flooding customers’ feeds with blog re-posts, so keep that in mind. What will you do to make your brand stand out? To liven up the social media content, use new images or videos with unique summaries of the blog post, or make personalized memes and gifs. According to the professionals of the best social media marketing company, use social network buttons on your blog, but also add content to urge users to visit those sites.

Improve your Search Engine Optimization

Keywords are used in blogs. Hashtags are used on social media. Why don’t you combine the two for maximum impact? It takes a little more time and effort to get the appropriate blend of popularity and search volume by researching both hashtags and keywords.

Improved Feedback

Getting feedback and interacting with people in the comments section was once one of the most appealing aspects of blogs. Unfortunately, that was short-lived, and it has already been replaced by a barrage of spam. Or, even worse, unpleasant remarks from folks who like causing trouble. That’s when social media integration comes in handy. They are far superior platforms for communicating with an audience, gathering useful input, and listening to candid opinions.

Final Thoughts

The main thing is that you should link your social media marketing with blog marketing for better marketing outcomes in nine out of ten organizations. A firm can increase content and generate higher engagement by merging strategies and connecting platforms, all while delivering a more uniform brand experience.